1. Oatville Elementary 2008-09 Wellness Plan Goals and Summary of Activities

Oatville Elementary
2008-09 Wellness Plan
Goals and Summary of Activities
(for staff and students)
1. Organize a wellness committee to plan activities and
distribute wellness information
Committee members: Colleen Harvey, Sandy
Dennison, Becky Stanfield, Chris Ferris
Meetings Quarterly – Sept. 8, Nov. 24, Jan. 22, March 12
2. Implement walking program for students and staff (noon recess fitness)
Implemented a mileage program - Students walk during recess and
log miles
Staff members also participate
3. Avoid using food and candy as positive reinforcements
Healthy snacks for students and incentives not tied to food
Healthy alternatives for rewards – extra recess and extra time in gym
4. Provide “healthy” snacks for staff and students during special events
and activities
Granola bars, fruit, and low fat snacks provided for staff meetings and
5. Include wellness in both staff and student handbooks which include
guidelines of suggested items for party snacks and treats
Wellness updates included in weekly newsletters to staff
Wellness updates included in monthly parent bulletins and updates
Wellness a topic of PTA meetings and site council meetings
6. Implement health education programs for staff, students, and community
New science curriculum includes health education
Include wellness notes and reminders in parent guide and monthly
newsletters to parents
Participate in Jump Rope for Heart program (each February)
Provide all-school grade level workshops re: Health and Wellness
from Kansas Learning Center for Health (February)
Participated in Body Walk (KSDE program) in March 2008
Primary grade students receive toothbrushes and toothpaste

grade smoke-out planned for each spring –staff help with centers
and disseminating information
Continued Fluoride program for students re: dental health
Students participate in Red Ribbon Week activities to promote healthy
Staff established a weight loss club that rewards those who lose
weight and keep it off
School participates in various community service projects and fund
raising projects for organizations such as: United Way, Leukemia
Society, Diabetes Society, etc.
Provide healthy snacks for students for the state assessments
Sedgwick County Extension office provided classroom and grade level
programs on nutrition – 2
grade lesson on bread making

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