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BOE Policy Manual
BOE, Board of Education, Policy Manual
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  • A GBRG Absence from Duty – Non-School Employment JBD Absences, Students - KSA 72-1111, 72-1113 BCBG Abstaining Vote GAAD Abuse – Child (See JCAC) JF Academic Achievement JF Academic Achievement Reporting IAA Academic Freedom JGFG Accidents and Illness - KSA 72-8404 MK Accreditation - KSA 72-1114 to 72-1116 JH Activity Fund Management (See DK) JHF-R Activity Trips JH, JHC Activities, Co-curricular JH, JHC Activities, Extra-Curricular JH, JHA Activities, Fees - KSA 72-5389 to 72-5391 JH Activities, ...
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