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  Collection Bond Project Updates - Videos

Videos of the Bond Projects

cschutte 11/03/16 1
  Collection Budget cschutte 08/21/12 41
  Document Credit Card Payment Sheet.pdf admin 04/04/22 51 KB
  Document Currently locked by: cschutte Haysville USD 261 Employee Welfare Benefits Plan.pdf

Haysville USD 261 Employee Benefits Plan

cschutte 01/20/12 876 KB
  Document Insurance Coverage Required on Private Vehicles Used for Transporation on School Sponsored Trips

Form to Document Individual Insurance Coverage when using private vehicles

pmccabe 12/19/05 208 KB
  Document Kansas Department of Revenue Tax Exemption Certificate.pdf

Tax Exempt Certificate

pmccabe 07/26/23 122 KB
  Collection KPERS and Other Retirement Forms and Information

KPERS Related Forms

pmccabe 02/02/05 10
  Document MGM_Adoption_Agreement.pdf admin 07/05/12 320 KB
  Document Mileage Reimbursement - Monthly Itinerary log cschutte 02/22/18 8 KB
  Collection Payroll Forms

Forms related to Payroll Functions

pmccabe 02/01/05 4
  Collection Section 125 and Insurance Forms, 403(b) & 457 Info., and Related Web Sites

Section 125 and Health Insurance Related Forms, 403(b) & 457 Info., and Related Web Sites

pmccabe 04/15/05 4
  Collection Sick Leave Bank Forms pmccabe 04/13/10 4
  Collection Skyward Help Videos

How to Videos for Skyward

cschutte 11/03/16 0
  Document Travel Expense Claim Reimbursement Form

Dist. Travel Expenses Claim for Reimbursement Form

cschutte 08/03/23 99 KB
  Document Travel Reimbursement - Out of District Form.pdf admin 07/30/19 97 KB
  Document USD 261 Contact Directory.pdf

Benefit Elections, TSAs, Vendor, Contact, and Telephone Numbers

pmccabe 07/25/22 273 KB
  Document VISA Purchasing Card Log and Checklist

Monthly Log Form for tracking purchasing card use

pmccabe 11/21/05 592 KB